Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photos from the summer

I look at these photos and recall how HOT that wool habit was to wear that day. And then I look outside today.... and I'd be glad to have it on! It's snowing and about -8, roads aren't great and it's an overall good day to be inside!
Anyways, my mother ordered some photos from a local photographer that came down to see our sidesaddle demonstration at the Bar U clinic. She is just AMAZING and seemed to catch the horses at exactly the right moments.

Doesn't Brigit just look amazing? (I'm still not sure how well I like the look of a bowler on me... lol)

Crossing the creek makes for some great photos.

And this is my friend Cait & her little gelding Eddie. He's technically a pony but don't tell him that! His ego is more than big enough to keep up with Brigit's size! They really do make the ultimate pleasure pairs couple.


  1. What synchronisation! That's impressive, and these photos are so beautiful. I really, really want to try side saddle one day.

  2. Oh, I love these pictures! Especially the one crossing the creek!

  3. Thanks guys! They are lovely photos aren't they? I think it takes a lot of talent to catch that exact moment, she's a really good photographer!
    It helps that the two horses absolutely LOVE each other, I swear, I've never seen two horses go so well together.

  4. STUNNING... you both look just stunning!!!