Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm back! I'm back! It's been way too long!

Sorry everyone, I'll try to get back to posting. The last few months have been insanely busy and blogging definitely got put on the back-burner. So not to worry, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! Over Christmas we moved all of the horses to a wonderful new barn. I think it was almost as bad as moving to a new house! I can't believe just how much stuff we have accumulated but I guess that comes with the territory of teaching riding lessons and owning 6 horses. (Yup... we're up to 6 now... LOL). The horse trailer was absolutely JAMMED full of tack, jumps, blankets and various other equipment. I feel a bit like a tack hoarder... We had lots of help though so it went smoothly and we got everything set up nicely. We are just loving the people at the new barn and the arena is fantastic! Who knew an extra 10 feet in width and 20-30 feet in length would make SUCH a difference but it sure does! So nice to be able to set up a full course and not have to feel like you are doing rollback turns everywhere you go! lol Not to mention the lighting is excellent, no more "scary corners" or weird spooky shadows. The footing is great too, it's really amazing to see the difference that really good footing makes in the horses too. A lot of the issues that were coming up have all but disappeared. Horses are carrying themselves better, more spring in their step and really using themselves a lot better than they were. Horses are happy and so are the riders! We are especially excited for the fields & outdoor arena (HUGE outdoor arena!) that we can use when summer comes! We've already been enjoying the 160 acre hayfield when the days are warm enough. It's a good workout for the horses to go for a trot through the deep snow. It's also a nice treat to have lots more paddocks so we can separate horses according to personality and feed requirements (i.e. We have a diet pen for the fatties). All of the paddocks are a nice size open to pasture turnout in the summer and have big shelters so everyone can get out of the weather. So here's an update on the herd... So there's my main mare Brigit, my nearly 20 year old WB mare. She's having the winter off and has been living at a friend's place, enjoying a huge field and a free choice round bale with her new friend Rusty.
Enjoying her round bale. (Who knew 2 horses could make SUCH a mess out of a round bale in only 3 days! lol)
And Kodi, the slightly sassy 1/2 arab that loooves to be ridden sidesaddle and jump!
Then there's Copper, the little Appaloosa mare we have on loan for a lesson horse. For a pony she has a HUGE stride and LOVES to jump!
(as I'm typing this I have the Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer going through my head.... "you know dasher & dancer... donner & vixen....." One of our new lesson horses is Oscar (the grouch), a coming 7 year old TB gelding. He was left behind at our previous barn by his owners and hadn't been ridden in years. One of the other ladies at the barn started working with him and he just had such a great attitude we decided to try him as a lesson horse. Turns out he's a star! He badly needed his teeth floated and didn't have much topline to speak of when we started using him in September but he's starting to look great now! And he looooves to jump! But has enough patience to pack the walk/trot kids around too! Oscar when we first starting riding him.
And a few months later! Look at those cute knees!
And today, taken at his very first horse show! He certainly has some scope!
Then we've got my new guy (now named Oliver) a 4 year old Canadian Warmblood gelding! He's just an absolute pleasure to ride, such a great mind! And yes, we've tried him sidesaddle!
And last but certainly not least is our project pony Ricky or "Ricochet". He is a Connemara Welsh cross and THE most fun to ride! He was unstarted when we got him in September and is by far the easiest horse I've ever started. Within a few months he could walk/trot/canter around the arena with ease, picks up his leads and we've started him over fences. No pony attitude here! Just a perfect little gentleman.
So that's the herd (for now haha).


  1. How is Ricky? He used to be my horse. Tell him I love him and miss him sooo much

  2. Please send me some updates on my baby boy if you don't mind. I guess I just need to make sure he is being loved. My email is