Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A diamond, a pair of long underwear and a top hat! What more could a girl ask for!

It was my birthday the other day and I have to say, I got pretty spoiled.

My boyfriend got me an antique bar pin with a little diamond and 4 blue stones in the shape of a flower on it. Isn't he just the best? I think it's going to make for a PERFECT stock pin for my sidesaddle ensemble. It might not be quite "correct" (stock pins should be plain gold) but I think it'll look gorgeous!
I also got a pair of super stretchy, comfy long underwear! Perfect for the cold weather we've been having. I can't get over how warm they are and how comfy they are to wear!

And I had gotten some money for my birthday so I was doing some "shopping" on the internet when I came across an ad for a brand new Christy's of London NAVY BLUE top hat! From what I could find out, they normally sell for $400-500 new and I got this one for $150! What a fantastic deal. I can't get over how nice the lady selling it was too, it just amazes me how many fantastic people I've "met" over the internet through my sidesaddle stuff. Really really neat! Again I've been told the navy blue isn't quite "proper" (should be black) but I think it'll look really good. (And perhaps it'll give me an excuse to get a black hat too....hehe) I'm just waiting to find out about shipping costs and then it'll be on it's way to me! I'm not entirely worried about being completely correct with my ensemble considering there aren't any official sidesaddle classes in my area, so nobody will be the wiser! I think everyone is going to be so stunned to see me riding sidesaddle that they won't notice the little details anyways.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the stock pin at the moment, and nobody wants to see the long underwear lol. But I do have a picture of the top hat!


  1. Oh wow!!!!! I had wanted a blue top hat when I used to have a blue habit!!! Actually, navy blue top hats are correct in the UK. There is no rule in the Side Saddle Association rule book that says black only (I just checked my rule book and no colors are stated) BUT from what I've seen/heard, you only really wear a blue top hat when your wearing a blue habit. Most people wear black as blue is rare but it is worn over here.

    It's funny, as there are a whole bunch of side saddle things that aren't considered correct in North America that are OK in England. Like you can use saddle pads in shows here (and most people do including all kinds of riser pads, I use one too), you don't need sandwich cases here (except if you are actually hunting) and at the SSA show, I saw quote a few people showing in rubber riding boots (LOL, I do dressage in mine as my Ariats come up too high for side saddling).

    So if anyone says anything, you can tell them that it's allowed in England and that's where all the side saddle traditions started! ;-)

    My stock pin isn't plain either, it has a horse shoe on it. I won it when I was 12 at my first horse show for hunt seat equitation so it's my "lucky" pin :)

  2. Thank you for your input! I will definitely tell people that's how they do it in England! That's so interesting about the differences in unofficial "rules" between here and there.
    As for the boots, I was planning on showing with my left tall field boot on and a paddock boot on my right foot because mine come up too far as well! I really like the look of field boots vs. dress boots anyways!

    I've got a navy blue habit so I thought the navy blue hat would look really nice with it. If I get a black jacket and have it altered to a cut-away front, then I'll have an excuse to get another hat! hehe

    I'll try and get a pic of the stock pin for tomorrow too, it's really neat.

  3. A note on the boot coming up too high. Try heel shims in them. I had trouble with mine being too tall and I got some dr.scholls shims and they made them a better fit.

  4. LOL, unfortunately, they could be a little more higher for astride riding but as 5'9", the only way I'll get higher boots, is by going custom. For side saddling thhough, I don't know if the shims would make a difference as your leg is bent much more acutely than normal riding so they dig right into the fold of your leg. The super short length most rubber riding boots are made in, although annoyingly short to ride astride in, are actually quite a comfy length to side saddle in.

  5. I didn't think my boots were tall at all until I tried to ride astride in them. My poor right leg was nearly NUMB by the time we finished riding. I've only ridden in paddock boots since then.

  6. I have so far aquired a black and a brown top hat. Have not posted about the brown one yet. Great great find! Adicting - isn't it!!!

  7. It sure is Julie! Oooh a brown top hat you say? I look forward to pictures of it!