Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Horsewomen

I found these on the ISSO website, so all credit to them. I just thought I might borrow them. They've got a super interesting "book" on their website by Alice Hayes called "The Horsewomen". It's got a ton of really good information, descriptions and some great pictures. You can definitely tell that it was written in 1903 by some of the descriptions and "expectations" of ladies back in the day. A really interesting read if you have the time or are trying to figure something out.

These two photos show the sequence of posting the trot sidesaddle. An art that I haven't quite mastered yet! I can do it for a short period of time and then my leg muscles get tired.

This lady makes it look much more graceful than I feel doing it! I was actually suprised at how high it appears she's coming out of the saddle in the second picture. (back to the gym for me to work on my leg muscles!)

Doesn't this lady & her horse look like the picture of elegance.

And this little girl is too cute!

I thought this canter sequence was really interesting.

And of course a couple of jumping pictures!

The stone wall doesn't look *all* too bad....

You surely would not catch me jumping a wire fence though!


  1. I've got the 1893 edition of The Horsewoman but it mostly has line drawings and photos of Alice Hayes sitting on various horses she owned including a zebra. I dind't know the 1903 edition had so many photos in it. Hmmmm...think I may have to look out for a copy ;-)

    It's interesting to see how far forward her right leg is though when I've learned that you should aim for right heel to left shin!

  2. If you go onto the ISSO website you can download a copy of the 1903 version, not quite as good as actually having a copy of the book though.

    I noticed that too! She must feel quite comfortable up there. I've been taught the same as you and definitely don't feel that comfortable with my right leg that far forward! Maybe it comes with more experience?