Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well no show tomorrow...

It decided to snow today and the roads were really slushy and nasty so I decided against going to the show. Ah well, there will be others!
I felt so bad for my poor trees this morning, they were bent right over with the snow. My pink crabapple tree is about to blossom and I hope the snow hasn't killed the flowers. We got some pretty new garden lights today though.

So tomorrow I'm back to my regularly scheduled lessons and then packing to go up to Northern Alberta & BC on Monday. It's super neat country up there and there should be some wildflowers out this time of year (hopefully anyways!). I'll try and upload some pictures when I can next week.

Speaking of lessons, here's a few pictures of some of my adorable lesson kids. They're doing so well! I'm taking them to their first show in two weeks, they're super excited!

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