Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What do I do with all these TOMATOES?!?!

I need suggestions! I've made BBQ sauce, huge stock pots of pasta sauce and have salsa coming out my ears.
But I've STILL got more tomatoes! What in the world am I going to do with the rest?

Ideas? Recipes? Mailing addresses so I can send you some?? lol

Otherwise this year's gardening is pretty much done. Still have to bring in some carrots & onions, finish cleaning out the beds & I'd like to get some good compost to mix in with the soil.

I have full intentions of digging up the front flower beds and redistributing the bulbs and planting some more. I wasn't really happy with how they looked this spring so I want to re-do them. We shall see when/if that happens! It's getting dark here earlier & earlier so it's hard to do in the evenings.

Haven't been riding too much lately, I decided to give Brigit a bit of time off after all the showing this summer. I did hop on bareback yesterday though and had a really nice ride. Pony Club is done for the year so I've got a lot more spare time, it's odd not having such a busy week but kind of nice for sure. Not too much interesting around here though!

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  1. I wish we were neighbors as I have to wait and wait and wait before my tomatoes fruit! You could freeze some tomato pulp, make paste, ketchup, and sundried tomatoes, give some to charity, cook up some Christmas presents and make pretty fabric covered tops. I don't think they would last on the long trip over to New Zealand, sadly. Don't forget to save some seed for next year! XXX
    PS. Had nasty fall off the horse I always ride for lessons. Ouch! So proud of myself for getting back up there and riding well today.