Monday, October 24, 2011


The newest member of my "herd", well I guess I only have 2 at the moment so it's just a pair.
This is Rain (not sure I'm sold on her name...), she's a 15.2 HH Appendix mare, 4 years old and has just the BEST mind ever. She's so quiet and fun to ride.

A friend rode her a few weeks ago and told me about this fantastic horse I just had to take a look at. So this weekend I went and rode her on one of the hunts. We do have a hunt club up here but they're just mock hunts for fun. At first I was a little cautious because after all, this is only a 4 year old that I've never ridden before. But she was great! She just loped along and by the time we hit the halfway point of the ride we were jumping everything! She's a very honest and fun horse to jump. Doesn't pull or get hot at all.

I had so much fun on her that I thought she just had to come home with me. She definitely has the potential to be the next sidesaddle horse!

It was such a gorgeous day to be out riding in the foothills, the mountains had fresh snow on them and the temperature was perfect.

Can't wait to ride her again tonight!


  1. Greys look great sidesaddle, especially in a navy habit.
    I like the name.

  2. Thanks Robin! I think it'll be awhile till she tries a sidesaddle on for size. I rode her inside yesterday for the first time and her babyness definitely came out. Nothing bad, just very looking and busy and trying to neigh for her new found buddies. Just needs lots of miles.

  3. What a sweetie! I like the name too. What gorgeous countryside for riding.