Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter has REALLY arrived.... Yuck.

It's -20 outside and snowing today. We've had such nice mild weather until today, so I guess we can't complain too much. Though I wish the wind would die down, with the wind chill it's a good -26 celcius.

But hey, we're tough Canadian girls and we can deal with it. We didn't cancel lessons this morning and all my girls did really well. The worst part was bringing in horses I think. I don't know that the horses mind the cold all that much, they were sure feeling a bit silly today!

I sure didn't feel like riding myself today. I've spent the rest of the afternoon hiding inside, watching some movies (Downton Abbey is on at 7pm tonight!), reading a new book on dressage by Jane Savoie and working on some sewing projects. Definitely a good day for it!


  1. Definitely a good night for TV watching; I've even gotten Bruce watching Downton with me.

  2. I cannot even imagine dealing with that kind of cold. Don't know how you do it!