Friday, February 3, 2012

Busy busy busy!!

Sorry again for the delay in posting! Things have been crazy busy with lessons, work and trying to get lots of riding in! First I should show you one of the projects I did up last weekend. I wanted to make sure the little saddle I have was well protected from scratches & bumps when it's in storage. Plus we have kittens that seem to LOVE to jump ontop of saddles when they're at the barn. This little one does not live at the barn for that reason. Anyways, isn't it just too cute!!
It was so small I had to hand sew some parts and machine sew the rest. Turned out pretty good though I think! Boy did I buy way too much fleece for it though!! I have enough leftover to make another one! On other notes, I've been riding Rain a lot lately and she's been doing quite well. Though this past week she has decided that ground poles are SKEEEERY! So we've had a few "discussions" about not slamming on the brakes right before them. I've got two students going to a show this weekend with me. This will be their first hunter jumper show and they're very excited! The younger one is only doing the ground-rails classes (poles on the ground) and the older girl will be doing the ground rails and possibly some x-rails. The older girl has had a few blows to her confidence in the past so she's riding one of our trusty school horses that just LOVES to jump and also loves the kids, so I know she'll have a fantastic time. I'm also taking Rain and I've decided her show name (for now) is "A Rainy Day Project" because that's really what she is and it's a clever play on words. Not too sure how well Rain will do considering how she's been acting lately but it will be good exposure. I'm also rather excited to finally get to wear my fancy brown show coat, gloves, helmet & boots to a show! We're definitely going for the "vintage" look. Tonight we're off to the barn for braiding, bathing, cleaning tack & getting the trailer loaded! It'll be an early morning to get to the show on time! We'll hopefully be loaded & leaving the barn by 5:45 a.m... Aren't horse shows fun?? lol Stay tuned for pics from the show!


  1. Have fun at the show and I just LOVE that diddy saddle cover!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the pics and read all about it!