Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March has come in like a lion!

We've had a few days of snow up here and I've finally got a bit of a slow day to blog. A lot of people are snowed in, so it's a quiet day. We had a big snowstorm that dumped probably a foot and a half of snow but not before starting off with some freezing rain. Add in the wind we get here on the prairies and there are some massive drifts! The roads are definitley not too fun to drive on! Probably won't be riding for a few days as I burned my hand pretty badly last night trying to make dinner. It's sore but good enough to type with luckily! Can't quite fit it into a glove with the dressing on it so I'll probably stick to some inside activities for a few days at least. Ah well, stupid thing to happen but it could be a lot worse! I've got a new addition to the herd coming soon. Well actually I've had him all along but he's coming home soon. He was out at the family's ranch in BC being a ranch pony for awhile & getting some miles on him. But now I'm in need of another lesson horse and have the perfect little girl for him, he's going to come back. Technically he was supposed to be home about three weeks ago but after dealing with a really crappy hauler that couldn't get their ducks in a row (cancelled/postponed 4 times for different reasons and now refuses to give my deposit back after I felt I had to hire somebody else) and now this big snow storm & highway closures through the mountains, it looks like it'll be another week yet till he's back.*fingers crossed* Anyways, meet Kodi, he's half arab, half paint and full of personality. Always been a really fun little horse to be around. At 14.3HH he should be just perfect for the kids!
Can't wait to get him back! I think he'll take to a sidesaddle rather well too..... hehe

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