Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to Maryland.... Getting to ride Owen!

Staying with Robin and getting to ride Owen was such a highlight of my trip. What an amazing feeling to have the opportunity to hop on a horse that does the upper level movements and get to play around a bit. First of all, I LOVE Robin's arena. It's just to die for.
Started off with some trot work. Working on some shoulder in & haunches in.
And then some leg yielding and half passes...
On to cantering and getting Owen to lengthen and shorten his gaits in preparation for some attempted canter pirouettes.
Some attempted walk pirouettes. I say attempted because Owen totally knew what he was doing, me not so much! But it was still a LOT of fun!
Our first attempts at canter pirouettes were pretty sad. They more more of a glorified (maybe not even glorified lol) tiny canter circle lol. I really wasn't asking him properly and Owen was saying "What the heck do you want lady?" lol
So Robin hopped on to show me how to do a few and then I tried again. I think by the end I was almost, kinda sorta getting it. What a neat feeling!
I definitely think my favorite was the passage and piaffe though! Just amazing to feel the horse come up underneath you like that and really, dance on the spot.
Definitely a treat to ride! Thanks again Robin! And Owen too!


  1. You didn't just "sorta" get a pirouette; you managed a correct 1/2 one, which is PSG level.