Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cold Saturday Farm

Visiting Cold Saturday Farm was another one of those unforgettable parts of the trip. Robin's family used to own Cold Saturday and the now live next door to it. It's a beautiful old stone house built in the 1700's (I think 1760-something? Should have written it down! lol).
Robin says the little stone bridge is a lot of fun to drive across with a horse & cart. She used to practice her driving on the little lane-ways around the farm. Below the house is a little log cabin by the pond.
There are two stories on where the name comes from. The first one being that the property was surveyed on a very cold saturday during the winter and it was dubbed the "Cold Saturday" place. The other being that the wife of the original owner wasn't too keen on the place and told her husband "It will be a Cold Saturday before I live there!". I think I'd move there in a heartbeat....after I win the lottery that is lol.
We had a lot of fun exploring around the grounds of Cold Saturday, so much interesting history and picturesque little areas.
This is what used to be the carriage house. Robin's grandmother loved her horses.
She had this barn built (in the 20's I think?) for her horses. When she was a child, her family had a terrible fire in their barn and they lost most of the horses. So this barn was very state of the art for it's time; built out of stone with large metal fire doors separating the different sections. Each stall had a door leading to the outside, just in case they had to get the horses out. Robin was telling us that when her Grandmother was alive, there wasn't a cobweb to be found in the barn.
There's still a few equine inhabitants in the barn today.
This is the front of the "Orchard Barn", which they used to use as a shed for the broodmares.
The house even has a walled garden around it. Looks like the entrance to a secret garden.
What a treat to get to visit such a beautiful property. At home our history is a lot younger than out on the east coast, so it's really interesting to see buildings that are hundreds of years old still in such great shape and being used & enjoyed. Many of the "older" buildings here were built out of wood and have since burned down or been torn down. Stone buildings are few & far between. I really enjoyed hearing the history of the farm and seeing how the culture & history is valued.


  1. What a beautiful farm!
    The stone barn story reminds me of one in our area:
    The builder lost his shetlands to a barn fire so built this grand barn.
    It's fun to live in an old area with old farms, although they were few and far between around here and even fewer remain.

  2. It's bittersweet to live next door to Cold spoiled me to grow up there, since no other place (at least that I can afford) can compare.

    But we just can't seem to leave it behind.