Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now to find an outfit....or two....or three!!

Part of what I love about sidesaddle are the outfits. I think I need a whole closet full of them!

I'd love to have a formal habit.
So elegant.

I absolutely love something with a little bit of color.
Simply gorgeous; the horse, the rider, the outfit. Wow!

Or perhaps a more neutral tone.

The costume type outfits are stunning too! Julie had some wonderful examples on her blog RidingAside of some gorgeous costumes.

I have to admit, I might have already put the cart before the horse a bit...because I've already started collecting some clothing. I picked up a black sidesaddle apron from a consignment tack store awhile ago and some matching fabric that happened to be on sale! The lady that runs the barn where I keep my horses has offered to help me make a jacket and a nice yellow vest! How exciting!

In August I saw a fantastic outfit out Ebay. It's not formal and would probably only be good for fun or costume classes but I just had to have it! It took awhile to get here due to shipping issues but I finally got it today! The seller absolutely went above and beyond to get it to me, when she could have just said she'd refund my money. It's so gorgeous and it works absolutely PERFECTLY! (Ok well I could maybe lose a pound or two around the midsection and it would really fit perfect then! LOL) I can't wait to see what this looks like on a horse!

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