Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brrrr!!! Winter is here!!!

I guess we've been lucky up until the past few days with our weather. The temperatures dropped and we're expecting more snow later tonight. Yuck! I can deal with the snow but the cold makes it tough. This morning when I got up the radio was saying it was -20 (celcius) and with the wind chill it was closer to -27. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

I had a lesson last night and everybody just about froze. I'm glad our barn is heated but I sure wish the arena was too, it's like a deep freeze in there! I figured it was a perfect night for a bareback lesson! I had plans to ride after the lesson but after standing in the arena for an hour I thought better of it. I bundled the ponies up and gave them some extra food and decided to head home where it was warm.

Brigit's nose seems to have gotten better (*knock on wood!!!!*), it hasn't been really runny for a couple of weeks (maybe it's frozen?? LOL). I'm hoping it will stay that way. We've finally gotten lots of weight on her and she looks great! It's nice to be able to ride her regularly again.

This pair of moose come back every winter (to the delight of the horses I'm sure!) and hang out fairly close to the barn. I was able to snap a picture of them last year. This is pretty much how things are looking at the barn right now. Cold & snowy.

I guess it's time to break out the winter boots, insulated coveralls, toques, mittens and quarter sheet! Just because it's winter, doesn't mean we don't ride up here!

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