Monday, December 21, 2009

So much left to do before Christmas!!

I don't think we'll be doing another holiday right before Christmas again, it just seems to make everything an absolute rush! I'm still not done my Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping or decorating.

We *almost* broke down yesterday and bought a tree because we were running out of time. We did end up going and getting a tree from the forest though, so much better than bought trees! It reminded me a lot of the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.... We found this really nice tree but it was rather enormous. When we got it home we ended up chopping several feet off of it so it fit (BTW we have vaulted ceilings....). It looks really nice, now we just have to get it decorated! We started on it last night and got the lights on it but didn't get any further, we were too tuckered out! I did get most of the rest of the decorations up and some baking done.

So much left to do though! Most of my Christmas shopping is done, but not quite all of it. I would really really like to get a bunch more baking done before Christmas, I found a bunch of really neat Christmas recipes that I wanted to try.

I finally got a ride in yesterday since it had warmed up a bit. Not much though! I was sooo cold by the time I was done.

Oh and I found the BEST winter invention ever! It was kind of an early Christmas present from my boyfriend. They're mittens made for riding that have the little finger separated so you can still hold your reins properly! My hands were totally warm yesterday! I highly recommend them!


  1. Good Boyfriend! Your tree must smell amazing. I miss having a real tree.

  2. He did really well! Definitely a keeper!

    I was so disappointed that we might not have the time to go out and get our own tree from the forest. It's become our tradition. Luckily it's not too far to go get a tree from where the barn is!