Monday, December 7, 2009

What a weekend!!

We sure had a big storm over the weekend! It started snowing and blowing on Friday morning and didn't stop until sunday. You should have seen some of the huge snow drifts (I know, I know, I should have pictures! lol) that we woke up to on Saturday morning. They were up and over the neighbor's fences! Our road was completely snowed in. We spent most of the morning helping people who tried to get out, get their vehicles unstuck. Only one or two vehicles actually made it through.

We had a great time over at the neighbor's house making breakfast and enjoying some coffee and bailey's, while watching people attempt to get through the snow again and again. Definitely entertaining!

Finally someone with a bobcat came down and plowed a path so we could get out. We got a LOT of snow!

The temperatures dropped on Saturday afternoon and we woke up to a VERY chilly -30C without the wind chill.... Yuck. It's not supposed to let up until later this week. I definitely put the long underwear on to go to work today! Unfortunately the cold weather and snow meant I had to cancel all my lessons for the week. It's just too darned cold for the little guys to be out there.

I did get a fair bit of house cleaning/organizing done though! I just wish I could put some Christmas stuff up. Not until we get back from Las Vegas though! It doesn't make sense to get a tree yet. Ah well!

We did make it up to the local furniture store and we got an early Christmas present from my parents. We'd been kind of looking for a buffet or sideboard for a while and hadn't been able to find one we liked. We had seen this one in a flyer but it was backordered for several months. It finally came in this past week so we could go look at it. I think it'll match our cupboards perfectly!Our kitchen cupboards are totally full and we didn't really have any place to put our nice wine glasses but now we do! It gets delivered on Thursday morning! Very excited!

3 more days till we go to Las Vegas!!!

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