Friday, April 16, 2010

Another fantastic ride!

I rode sidesaddle yesterday outside, it was pretty windy but I figured the more "scary" stuff we can do in the next week the better. Brigit does soooooo much better in the outdoor arena. It's much bigger and I think it's easier for her move out a bit and stay balanced. We were trotting and cantering around on a fairly loose rein and I barely had to pick up the reins, sit tall and she would transition down to a walk. It was so nice!
Riding with the pelham and a cane is a bit of a learning curve but we're getting it. I actually think Brigit really likes the bit, I just have to make sure that I give her, her head and ride with far less contact than when riding in a snaffle. The other trick is managing the double reins AND keeping the cane still, especially when cantering.

I thought I would play around with some leg yielding yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. We actually have a nicer leg yield to the left, using the cane to ask her to move over, than to the right when I have my leg to ask her to move over.

We also tried a flying change which was not so pretty lol. Our flying changes aren't the best at the best of times so I think we'll just stick to simple changes.

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous for this weekend so I should be able to get lots of riding in and hopefully have someone take some new pictures.

I finally got my fancy hat to go with my purple outfit and it looks great! I need to get the skirt altered though, it's a wee bit too tight at the top. Here's a picture of the hat and the outfit. My boyfriend laughed at the hat, can you believe that! lol I think it's perfect!
I just love this outfit. It's my absolute favorite. I'm almost tempted to wear this next weekend, although I think the navy habit would be more appropriate. I'll have to find another occassion to wear it!

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