Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bath time!

I decided last night was the night to give Brigit a bath. She was SOOOOO dirty, there was no way I could take her anywhere the way she looked. Today, Friday and Saturday are all supposed to be cooler/rainy, so I figured last night was idea.

She did not appreciate her bath all that much, but for once actually let me wash her head off! That never happens, we usually get into a game of "big brown giraffe". Even so, I still managed to get about as wet as she was! lol After we were done she was shiny and her white socks & stripe were actually white. I coated her in show sheen in hopes that I can keep her clean-ish over the next few days. We shall see!

I haven't shown in forever and I forgot how long it takes to get ready to go out in "public" so to speak.


  1. I saw a beautiful sidesaddle presentation at the Hoosier Horse Fair a few weekends ago. Lovely Arab mare(her name-Sweet Kisses, and she was!). Worked wonderfully and, you know, I never even noticed the music. Too engrossed in the ride. A few flubs,, who cares???? Talked to the rider later. What a testament to riding aside and how wonderful a GOOD Arab can be. Good luck and I hope your ride inspires someone, also.

  2. Thank you! I'm hoping mine will go that well too! Hopefully nobody will notice the little mistakes because they'll to be too fascinated by me riding aside and what the announcer is saying! Hopefully my warmblood mare will be good too! LOL