Thursday, September 30, 2010

Claremont Riding Academy, New York

I was inspired by another blogger who posted about an Edwardian riding academy in Montreal (sidesaddlegirl.blogspot) and thought I'd post some photos and information about the Claremont Riding Academy in New York near Central Park. Could you imagine renting a horse for the afternoon to go for a ride through Central Park?

It was built in 1892 and housed horses on the 2nd floor and the basement.

Horses were brought up and down to the arena from their stalls via ramps.

As you can see it has a small indoor ring that was obstructed by posts. Could defintiely make for some interesting riding!

I wonder if the riding academy in Montreal was inspired by this one? There must be more of this type of urban riding stable in other big cities. They're so neat!


  1. That is SO NEAT!!! Can you imagine that in the middle of New York!! At least at the one in Montreal, it was still surrounded by fields but New York was more populated than Montreal at the time so it would have been interesting and busy riding there even in the Victorian era.
    Those ramps are crazy!
    I wonder where the horses got turned out or even if they were turned out?

  2. That is so cool! I remember reading about that in my one book horse people (I highly suggest it)