Saturday, September 25, 2010

A nice new chapeau!

Sorry again for the lapse in posts, I have been super busy with my new job (which I LOVE), teaching lots of riding lessons and to tell you the truth, I haven't been riding much at all. I haven't ridden sidesaddle since my last post which is part of why I haven't had much to post about.

I did FINALLY get a proper top hat to go with my habit though! It's 6" tall and quite old. Gotta love Ebay! I've been kind of looking for one for awhile, they're so elegant looking! The only ones I've found in antique shops in my area have been horribly overpriced and in bad shape. This one is in pretty good shape and was a good price! Perfect!

I was soooo excited to get it! Although when I tried it on I laughed at how silly I looked! LOL I definitely think you need the whole outfit on for it to look good! So no pictures of it on me yet!


  1. Very nice!!! Mine is 5 3/4" tall, you don't want a top hat too short so yours is a good height.
    All you need now is a veil to go with it and one of those antique soft bristled top hat brushes. I got mine on Ebay for £2 but I've seen them at antique shops too. You'll recognize them as they have a curved shape to them. They really bring out the shine on an old top hat and make the silk plush smoooooth!

  2. My other top hat, the navy blue one, is just barely over 4" and it's way too short. It looks alright but not nearly as nice as the tall one wilL I think!
    I'll keep an eye out for a brush too. This hat is beaver fur and I've heard if you take some dark beer and gently apply it to the hat, it makes it really shine. Dunno if I'm brave enough or if I want a hat that smells like beer! LOL