Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy weekend!

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada so we've been busy driving here, there and everywhere to see family and eat WAY too much! It's been fun though.
On our way up to see some family on Saturday, we stopped by a wonderful saddler who builds her own custom sidesaddles (can you guess who it is?) and has done some repairs for me in the past. My western sidesaddle needed a little bit of help. It's in great shape considering it's age but I wanted to get a few things fixed on it so they wouldn't get worse before I tried to ride it any more. Mostly just a little bit of stitching.
I also left my $70 find with her to see if she can make it rideable again. Aside from the pommels being quite bent at one time, she thinks we can definitely put new billets on it and make it rideable again. We shall see! If we can't it's no big deal, it's a neat saddle for display.
We had a great visit and spent over an hour looking through her collection of sidesaddles and related items. She has an amazing collection with so many different unique saddles.
Today I've got the day off, as it's Thanksgiving day. But I'm supposed to have some lessons this afternoon. My plan was to do some gardening this afternoon but I'm not sure if that will happen, it's pretty overcast and cool (only +4) and looks like it might rain.

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