Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some jumping pictures that make me go hmmm.....

I've been watching videos and looking at pictures of ladies jumping aside and I've found a couple pictures that have be questioning things.... Have a look..

So first off, this is how I feel like I *should* look over the fence.... These ladies are REALLY folded forward and looked really "tucked" over the fence. They look like they're giving their horse a good release and aren't going to get "snapped" back over the fence and their bum is still in contact with the saddle.

But then we've got what I'm going to call the "middle of the road" ladies". They're sitting a bit more upright over the fence, still tipped forward but not to the degree the others are.

And then we've got the last group, they're forward but they look as if they have their bums OFF of the saddle upon takeoff.... How are they doing that? I don't know if I could physically DO that in my saddle the way the pommels sit. I would think a person would get "snapped" back much less like this. But I wonder, are they putting weight in their stirrup (standing in it) to get "up" like that? If so, I've always been told not to put weight in the stirrup.


  1. A long ways from the Belle Beach days when the ladies leaned back!

  2. I think with side saddle, it depends on many things- pommel position on the saddle, the rider's natural flexibility and the horse's way of going over the jump.

    I could get more forward on my old C&W than I can on my off-side saddle but I'm not naturally flexible in my back to get REALLY folded forward like the riders in the first two photos (although the lady on the grey looks like she may have let her reins slip through her fingers to let her horse not get jabbed in the mouth as she could get forward enough for him).

    I think my jumping style is "middle of the road" and is what you mostly see here in the UK.

  3. SmartAlex - Could you imagine leaning back over the fences? I could see it not being *too* bad on takeoff and over the top of the jump but man, I think my back would be in pain upon landing!

    I asked some questions to some more experienced sidesaddle riders and sent them the same photos, they all said that your bum shouldn't come off the saddle at all & putting weight in your stirrup to do so is a big "no-no".
    I'm almost wondering if perhaps my sidesaddle doesn't quite "fit" me right for jumping? The upright head is fine but it seems like the leaping head might not be turned back enough to let me move forward properly. I'm not too sure. Might be something to consider anyways.

  4. The problem is that ALOT of saddles were made before a more forward seat was used and even those made later on like in the 30's and 40's, were made for older women who learned to ride at the turn of the century when a backwards jumping seat was still used. Most younger women who rode during the "forward seat revolution" were riding astride.

    I know here in the UK, even the older men who hunt, will adopt a backwards seat just because they were taught when they were younger by men who learned to ride in the early 20th century!

    On saddles made today, the leaping head accommodates a more forward seat so it makes an otherwise more difficult task, a bit easier.

  5. That makes sense too. I still can't possibly imagine jumping in a more upright seat! I think my back would be equally unhappy with me! lol I'm really tempted to see if I can borrow another saddle and see if it makes a difference...hmm....