Thursday, October 28, 2010

A new whip in the making?

My step father was going through some stuff at their house and he found an old parasol handle. His parents used to have an antique store and I believe it came from them. I'm not too sure how old it is but I think it's fairly old. The handle is gorgeous, mother of pearl and silver. The rest of the shaft is rusted and looks pretty rough.

I'm thinking it would make a really pretty sidesaddle whip. I'd love to find someone that is good at braiding leather or rawhide and get the shaft covered in that with a little whip end added. It's the perfect length and so classy! It might be easier said than done though, finding someone that does leather braiding seems to be difficult and rare. (hmm... I wonder how hard it would be to learn....)

I'll post pictures if & when it ever gets done!


  1. I braid leather, but I have never covered a metal whip shaft before :s I wouldn't know how to go about securing it to make sure it didn't slide down after prolonged use against the horse.

  2. I'm not all too sure about that one either. I would think a collar at the top and possibly some glue would help?