Thursday, November 3, 2011

Young horses make me laugh

Tonight was Rain's 4th ride in the indoor arena and I think she was feeling a little bit spunky and decided that things were maybe a little scary. Her ears were going back & forth like they were on a constant swivel mode. Thus far she's never really spooked or done anything bad, just looked.

But tonight we had our first spook. My boyfriend was watching us ride and we're trotting down the long wall when all of a sudden she starts to scoot forward on me. I couldn't really figure out what she was spooking at and I look over to see my dear boyfriend, nearly in tears laughing. He finally caught his breath and told me that as she came down the long wall, she started to toot and she spooked herself. The whole time she had this look on her face like "What's that?!?! What's that behind me?!?!" LOL

It's funny the things we don't notice after riding broke horses for so long but babies sure do!!

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  1. Sounds like my dog, who looks back in surprise when she toots. And I was watching an enormous skewbald fellow showjumping at the weekend, and he let out an enormous blast at each jump. So funny! I bet Rain got a fright from the echo off the arena wall. Hilarious.