Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I dunno about this....

Hmmm.... So I'm supposed to go to a show this weekend, dressage on Saturday (eeek more new tests to remember!) and some hunter stuff on Sunday. They have some smaller classes (X-rails, 2' and 2'3") that I was thinking I might attempt sidesaddle. I'm excited but nervous at the same time! I think we've got this jumping business down pat and we had a really nice ride tonight, including some jumps and such but I can definitely feel a crick in my back after riding! Lets hope I don't feel like I've been hit by a bus after this weekend! lol

Few more days to practice, so hopefully we can wing it and have some fun!


  1. You're nervous...as successful as your season has been?
    Walk in the park.

  2. I have bestowed on you the Beautiful Blogger Award. Please visit the Grey Horse blog for details.
    Blogger still won't allow me to comment on your blog with my account name :(


  3. Just nervous about the jumping part! haha We haven't done much of that at all, only one hunter hack class aside.

    I'm still having issues commenting on other blogs too. Not sure what's up.

  4. I'm even having trouble posting on my own blog...I think there may be some Blogger code issues.

  5. I was so proud of myself for doing trot poles today! Even braver because I was riding my new horse friend, who is a gorgeous appaloosa, quarter horse cross. I wore my new body protector vest. I'm sure one of those would look totally ridiculous with a habit. Best wishes for the big day! I'd love to see some jumping photos.XXX