Saturday, November 19, 2011

No show today... TOO COLD!!!

As I type this, it's a whopping -24 degrees celcius and with the wind chill today it was nearly -38. YUCK. The cold snap is only supposed to last until Monday though luckily and then it'll warm up.

I just could not justify trailering my old girl in this weather for a bit of fun. There will be more shows! Actually... there is a Christmas Hunter/Jumper show in 2 weeks time that I'm thinking of going to if the weather is alright.

I did run out and check on everyone today and they all seemed happy & warm outside, there was even some running around & bucking going on, so they must be feeling alright!

Can I please come & visit someone that lives somewhere warmer for a bit???


  1. I'm on the beach in Sydney, Australia ... you're more than welcome to come and visit!

  2. Oh that would be just wonderful!! Wish I could!

  3. Oh my.. I now feel guilty for complaining this weekend when it was in the 40's and windy!