Friday, April 27, 2012

Trip time!

I finally have a few minutes to put some posts together about my AMAZING trip to Virginia & Maryland. I have to say, the people were wonderful, the scenery was great and there was so much to do! I crammed as much as I possibly could in and even still felt like I didn't see & do enough. I guess that means I'll have to do another trip! So I flew in on a Friday, late afternoon and arrived in Baltimore to a REALLY warm, humid day! What a difference from the below 0 temps and snow at home! The Balitmore airport was HUGE and after much walking, I found my luggage, hopped on a bus and off I went to the rental car facility. Then it was off to Ashburn to a fellow sidesaddle rider's house. She graciously offered to put me up while I was in the area and it was wonderful to get to know her. (Did I mention that I can't wait to go back?) Everything was in bloom and so warm! Love it! Saturday we went to a show to watch her horse compete at a local show. We stopped at a coffee shop called the "Cup o Giddy Up!" for a cup to the coffee and then were off to the barnSavanna is a lovely hunter! I just love this photo with the cherry blossoms in the background. It was a really nice misty morning. .
After we watched Savanna go, I went back to Middleburg to tour the town and do a bit of shopping and of COURSE hit up the Middleburg Tack Exchange! What a fun store! So much used tack & neat stuff all crammed in there! I loved the tack stores in Virginia & Maryland, there was so much stuff that you just don't see up here and can't buy really. The town is so beautiful, they really work hard to keep that old style charm feel. Lots of brick and beautiful buildings.
Then I went to meet with Devon Zebrovious and her husband George. They took me with them to the Piedmont Point to Point races in the afternoon. It absolutely POURED all afternoon but it was a wonderful time! There was pink champagne, snacks and lots of nice people to visit with and as Devon put it we watched the occassional horse run by lol.
As you can see, I looked like a drowned rat by the end of the day but it was well worth it. On the way back we took the scenic route and toured around looking at all the historical houses & farms. Just unbelievable countryside! A busy first day in Virginia!

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