Sunday, April 29, 2012

Virginia Day 3

I decided I was going to venture out on my own Monday and have a bit of a tour around the area. I had a bunch of places that I thought I'd like to see, so armed with my (less than updated) GPS, I was off to explore and try not to get too lost! (I did get slightly lost a few times though and discovered some pretty neat things!) I started my day off by going over to Warrenton, home of the infamous "Horse Country" store. What a fun (and expensive!) store that is! I enjoyed looking at all of the hunt attire and tried on some to die for brown dress boots (droool...). Luckily for my bank account they didn't have any that fit me... Instead I found an original copy of "To Whom the Goddess" to bring home with me.
I toured through the town of Warrenton after that, another neat town with lots of historic buildings and lovely architecture.
Found a really interesting tack shop/wine store combo...
Bought some nice wine to bring home there and then continued on my journey, found a few more tack shops along the way (picked up the elusive brown spur straps I was looking for) and made my way back to Middleburg via a scenic route I had been advised to take if I wanted to see some neat stuff.
I toured around Middleburg some more, enjoyed going through all of the antique shops (all of which have hunt whips galore in them!) and the tack stores and had a nice lunch at the pub there. I have to tell you about the hunt whips and sandwich cases at Middleburg Tack, there is an entire WALL of them, I was so tempted but they were kind of expensive so I thought I should pass. Met up with Devon again and she took me for a ride through the Middleburg hunt country! Definitely the best way to see it!!
(Yes I was totally being a horsey "tourist" with my camera out as we rode along haha)
Another busy but great day!

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