Monday, January 4, 2010

Another new sidesaddle outfit!

Over the holidays I was parusing the internet and found a craigslist posting for a navy blue sidesaddle habit that fit my measurements almost exactly! I negotiated with the seller a bit on the price and bought it! It's coming all the way from Florida, I'm so excited to get it. It should be here at the earliest on Thursday.
It should look something like this one....
I was determined to find something reasonably priced so I
would be able to show in the spring. I've still got lots of practicing to do but that's my goal! I've really got to work on my leg muscle strength, my inner thigh muscles get tired and crampy after a few laps of trotting. Cantering is better but we've still got to improve our transition a bit. The weather is supposed to warm up this week, so hopefully that'll give me a chance to get riding some more.
I'm just itching to try going for a ride aside in the snow! But I'm not quite brave enough to go alone yet! Plus if someone comes with me, I can coerce them into take pictures! ;)

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