Saturday, March 6, 2010

All dressed up with nowhere to go!

Today we decided to have some fun and get all dressed up in all our finery and take some pictures. Thanks to a good friend of mine for being my groom/photographer. It was REALLY handy to have someone help me get on and pass my jacket etc up to me. It was a tad muddy outside so it was interesting trying to keep everything clean. lol Now I see why thge ladies always had to have grooms with them!
We started off inside so we could try the pelham out and get warmed up. B went really well in the new bit and stayed very soft. I liked having the curb rein to ask for a bit more flexion when needed. I got a gel pad a few weeks ago and I've been putting that under the saddle and it seems to make a positive difference.
All dressed up and ready to go.....somewhere?
Off we go for a tour down the road. Definitely felt a little overdressed but it was fun!And a trot through the field...

Heading back home, that was fun!

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  1. Just like something out of a book.... so, is what I suspect true? Would it be absolutely unrealistic to have a modern life, care for your own horse, and outfit yourself and STILL have the time and energy to go out for a romantic weekend hack in formal sidesaddle attire? Then clean up after yourself?

    Really, I think it would be much easier to have the groom meet you at the manor house, and phone for a car.

    Great pictures though. I think #7 is worthy of a Paul Brown illustration.