Monday, March 29, 2010

Jumping sidesaddle!

I finally tried it! I was a little nervous because Brigit tends to like to launch or chip (likely my fault lol) over fences and I wasn't sure how that would feel sidesaddle but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought! It was pretty fun actually! Holy WOW does my back hurt now though! It was very very stiff & sore yesterday and today the left side of my back is very sore and my right butt cheek is equally sore! LOL But we did it!
Definitely something that needs some practice though! The takeoff and jump portion isn't so bad, it's the landing! I need to learn to stay forward for longer, otherwise the tendency is to "snap" back upon landing and it sure doens't feel nice on your back! I'm sure Brigit would agree! I now see why the hunting sidesaddles have SO much padding!
I have to say I must be getting more conditioned for sidesaddle riding, I felt like I could have cantered all day, it's gotten SO much easier! Now it's the trot that tends to wear me out.

Brigit got checked out yesterday and her stifles are good again! It'll always be something we'll have to be aware of but we're good to go now! Yay! We've got some work to do on her topline to improve some back muscles but otherwise she was in pretty good shape.

The tiny pony I've been riding has been a lot of fun too. We jumped her a bit on sunday and she's such a little trooper! She's very cute. I have to laugh, whenever I lean forward to dismount she nickers. It's hilarious.

On another fun note. I've been invited to ride sidesaddle at an event near Edmonton on May 30 called the "Horse Showcase". It's a fun event that showcases different kinds of riding and breeds of horses. We'll be doing the english pleasure class, possibly a dressage demonstration, a "champagne" class and a jumping demonstration. It sounds like it'll be such a fun day! And it'll be a great opportunity to get dressed in all of our finery!

Unfortunately I have no pictures to share today! I will try and get some though!

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  1. Way to go! I could only dream.

    We have a breed showcase here every year at the local homestead. They wanted me to paint the anatomy of the muscles and bones on Indigo this year but I will be in Ireland and do not trust her being a good girl with one of my 4-H kids wile I am not there.