Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not much new....

Well there's not too much new happening, hence my lack of blog posts. Brigit is having issues with her stifles again due to all of the ice around. So I haven't been doing much riding except for on the school horses. They're pretty fun though!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I think spring is definitely on it's way! I can't wait for all of the flowers to bloom. We've got a bright pink crabapple tree in our front yard and a mayday tree in our back yard, plus a TON of bulbs. The ones right next to the house are just starting to come up. Hopefully we don't get a heavy frost again or they might freeze! It will be interesting to see what survives the winter. I planted some absolutely gorgeous rose bushes last year and some peony's and clematis vines. I really hope they survived!

Here's a look at some of the things I'm looking forward to in our garden!

Some of the tulips...
These tulips are especially neat. They start off white and as they mature the edges turn pink.
I love iris' they have to be one of my favorite.
The crabapple tree....

And the mayday tree. You can't really see it's flowers all that well but it gets just covered in white flowers before it gets it's leaves in the spring.


  1. How is it that you live north of me, and you're a month ahead on springtime? Not Fair!

  2. It might be because we get chinooks from living so close to the mountains. They're basically a warm air downdraft that creates a warming trend. We can go from -20 to nearly +20 when one hits. Makes winter a little more bearable.
    We're not too far ahead though, those pics are all from last year, we've only got a few bulbs that are right next to the house starting to poke up out of the ground so far.