Monday, August 16, 2010

Another fun show day

A friend and I went to a little local show yesterday. It was so fun! Really friendly, well run and just a great time all around.

Brigit and I won the english pleasure, english equitation and hunter over fences classes, we got 4th in the pleasure pairs class and then we swapped attire & tack for the costume class. I just couldn't resist breaking out the sidesaddle and fancy purple outfit again! We got 3rd in that class.

As we were leaving the ring I asked the judge if I could do the next class sidesaddle too. It was a "command class". Basically a show version of "simon says". They tell you to do something and if you don't do it or are the last person to do it, you get called into the middle. The last person on the rail wins. I figured I wouldn't have a chance in heck but thought it'd be fun anyways. It was a pretty big class with lots of people, some riding english & some western and then me sidesaddle! There was some pretty fancy western pleasure horses that I figured would take it for sure buuuut we ended up winning it!!! Brigit was soooo good!

It was so fun to answer everyone's questions about the saddle and riding sidesaddle. There was a group of pony club girls that were fascinated by it and kept asking how I kept my butt on it!

Poor little Winston was soooo tired after being at the show all day, he had a snooze on the way home.


  1. You won Command in a sidesaddle? Babe, you are literally living my fantasies.

  2. haha Yes yes I did!! I didn't think I would have a hope in heck considering some of the other horses in the class. It was awesome!