Friday, August 20, 2010

Millarville Fair & Flower pictures

We're off to do a sidesaddle demonstration tomorrow at the Millarville Fair! It should be lots of fun. I'm taking my camera so hopefully I can get someone to take a bunch of pictures for me.

The linen outfit was requested but I'm torn, I really really like the purple outfit, it's just so bright and fun! I guess we'll have to see what the weather is like tomorrow. If it's muddy AT ALL, I won't be wearing the linen one!

Hopefully the smoke clears too. They're having a lot of forest fires (300 of them!) in British Columbia and all of the smoke has blown over to Alberta. It's SO hazy you can't even see the sun. Very weird.

How about some pictures of the gorgeous lillies that are blooming in my garden right now? (Taken a few days ago before the smoke blew in)

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