Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bar U Ranch Sidesaddle Clinic 2010

We had a great time yet again this year! There was 8 participants including myself, I was actually quite shocked that the clinic wasn't totally full. I guess there aren't that many people that are wanting to try it.

Anyways, saturday we had our lessons and did some touring around the ranch. It was a gorgeous day with a nice breeze and no bugs! Last year the horse flies were terrible.

So I decided since it was such a nice day, I'd break out my linen habit. It turned out so well and it was soooooo much cooler! The material breathes so well. I think I need to find a different hat though.

As you can see Brigit wasn't too impressed about having to stand.

Overnight the clouds blew in and it started to rain. We all did our lessons in long slickers to help keep us and our saddles dry. It was very wet but we still had fun!

It rained most of the morning and we almost cancelled our parade around the site. Nobody wanted to get their expensive clothes soaking wet. Luckily around 1:00 the clouds cleared up and we were able to get dressed up in our finery and go for a tour of the ranch. This was also the first chance I've had to wear my fancy purple & burgundy outfit. I think it's my favorite!

After touring the ranch we went back to the arena and did our quadrille. We were pleased to see that there was actually a fairly decent crowd in the stands that had come to watch. We didn't think there would be anybody with the way the weather had been in the morning. It went really well, nobody forgot where they were going (aka me!). I changed into my blue outfit for the quadrille.

And here's the whole group at the end of the day.

If anybody sends me some other pictures I'll upload those as well. I know there was lots of people taking pics so hopefully there will be some more good ones!

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  1. I love the linen habit. And I like the hat. It makes you look sort of like Karen Blixen http://s3.hubimg.com/u/548338_f260.jpg Of course, she would have ridden astride. To heck with covention!