Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Uh oooh......

Well I was working on my jumping again last night and it was going very well. Having a bit more pace and approaching the jump with more of a closed hip angle, definitely helped! It was feeling pretty easy to stay with my horse and I wasn't feeling as if I was getting jerked. Yay!

But here's the uh oh part... Over one fence, my horse chipped really hard and popped the fence, which resulted in me getting pretty loose and scrambling to catch my balance. And in the process, the flap that goes over the stirrup assembly came off.... It looks as if the stitching was just dry rotted as it just gave way. The saddle and the flap are perfectly fine and intact.

My poor pretty saddle.... Now what do I do??


  1. A lady in California can restore that for you. She is the one who completely redid my
    C&W. Her name is Lillian Char...?? It is in my blog history though.. She is acredited to restore sidesaddles and she is very reasonable. The only issue is that you will be without your saddle for a while ...

  2. What a heart sinking moment! Hopefully your saddle won't have to be gone for too long while it is being fixed.

  3. It's only a straight stitch on the Mayhew style flaps, a normal saddler should be able to fix it easily. Tattersall Side Saddles is in Alberta so maybe she can fix it for you too:

  4. Get it repaired. I know http://saddlefitter.blogspot.com has lovely info on repairing saddles.