Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping does NOT = eating hot dogs all weekend!

We went out camping for a night in the mountains this past weekend. I love to go camping and especially love to cook in my cast iron pots on the campfire.I refuse to eat smokies and junk food all weekend long. It's a real art but a fun challenge!

We had some chili and delicious cornbread made in the cast iron skillet for dinner. The cornbread was something I hadn't tried before but boy did it turn out well! YUM!

As you can tell, there wasn't much left!

And later we needed dessert of course! Marshmellows? I think not! S'mores? Nah... How about black forest cake?? Yes you CAN make it on the campfire! And it is soooo good! Just have to make sure you have a low fire and the pot doesn't get too hot.

We had to get inventive in the morning as we'd forgotten to bring a coffee percolator or any filters. Sooo we used paper towel to strain the grinds out.

A festive breakfast skillet in the morning. It was windy and trying to rain so I thought the wee umbrellas would brighten the mood.

And here's my friend Karen on my other "red mare". This one is a little more unpredictable than Brigit! lol

So what's your favorite thing to make when camping?

Next time.... I'm going to attempt to make cinnamon buns!

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