Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Growing like weeds

We've been getting lots of nice weather interspersed with some rain and everything is looking just great! We did have a big storm blow through last night and I ran around in the pouring rain throwing sheets over everything just in case it decided to hail. Luckily it didn't!
I had to take some pictures to share. The flowers are all blooming, the baskets are overflowing and some things, like my pumpkins have suddenly gotten HUGE! I ate my first radish out of the garden this weekend too!

I think I'm actually going to get a pumpkin or two for halloween this year!

And there should be LOTS of squash & zucchini!

The tomatoes are getting really tall and climbing up their spirals. They all have flowers on them but the "Black Krim" tomatoes are by far the earliest to produce fruit. There are some HUGE tomatoes on the vine, should be another week or so until they are ripe! Yum!!

The lettuce is veeeeery slowly growing, as are the carrots. I need to give them some fertilizer and hopefully that will help them get bigger faster.

The onions and garlic are growing, some faster than others. This is my first time growing both, so I really have no clue what I'm doing! lol

The herbs are all doing well...except my basil, it's just not happy at all.

My watermelon kind of stinks. I can't figure out what to do to make it happy. It doesn't like the hot sun/heat and wilts, so it's been sitting on the front porch and only gets morning sun. It hasn't done much of anything. I don't have high hopes for getting any melons.

And here are the flowers. I have some ideas for next year and I think it's going to involve digging up most of the tulips and replanting them in clumps vs one here and there. It looks a bit messy in my opinion. I guess that's what happens when you impulse plant! lol


  1. Ooo you have the tomato spirals! I've wanted to have a set laying around in case I ever have to grow a tomato in a pot again.

    This year I have not snapped off a single sucker, and my Black Krim plant is going absolutely WILD! It is covered with fruit.


  2. I decided to give the spirals a try. It's so windy up here that I didn't want to leave them to chance and I really hate the look of the traditional tomato cages. I'm willing to bet that the striped paste tomatoes are going to get to the top of the spirals and then some! They keep getting bigger & bigger & bigger!!
    Hmm perhaps I should leave the suckers alone then. I keep pulling them off but maybe I shouldn't! I can't wait, the black krim tomatoes that are on the vine at the moment are HUGE!