Friday, July 8, 2011

Please be here today!!!

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my habits from the UK. I'm absolutely DYING to see them and of course try them on!!! They were *supposed* to be here yesterday but must have gotten caught up in Calgary or taken longer to get through the sorting facility. Hopefully today!!! I'm going to run to the post office on my lunch break to check & see!

Fingers crossed!!!!

I'm off to another show tomorrow. It's a local one so only about 5 minutes from home. It will be such a treat not to have to drive all over to get there.

We are entered in the 2'6" hunter division and 2'9" & 3'0" jumper divisions. (and no, I'm not doing it sidesaddle! haha) I was wondering the other day what the heck I was thinking entering in the 3'0" class because I just haven't been jumping enough. So wednesday night I decided I was going to jump and see how comfortable I felt. Well we had a beyond fantastic schooling session. Everything was just coming together and we had no issues. Definitely feeling good about it tomorrow!

There are also the standard english pleasure classes, hunt seat equitation etc. They are also having a "Ladies Side Saddle Class" which I am really excited for! Thus far I think there are only a few people entered but I hope some more people come out of the woodwork for it! I've also bravely entered the 18" hunter hack division and am going to attempt it sidesaddle!!! Could be good, could end in a sore back! haha (for me that is). A friend of mine is coming up to ride sidesaddle and we're also going to do the pleasure pairs class aside, should be fun!

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