Monday, July 25, 2011

First ripe tomato of the summer!

And it was YUMMY!

The Black Krim tomatoes seem to be the earliest to mature but are surprisingly the biggest out of the different varieties I started. The one I had tonight was nearly 1 lb! I pulled it off the vine the other day and let it sit in the window and have been waiting & waiting for it to be ripe. I've never grown these before so I wasn't entirely sure when it was really & truly ripe but thought I'd give it a try tonight.

When ripe, they are a dark reddish, brownish, purplish color with some green streaks. When you cut it open it's a deep red with green seeds. Very flavorful and juicy!

But do you know what I forgot to do? Take a picture of it to share. I will with the next ripe one! Should be another few days till the next is ready.

I have a feeling the other varieties are going to ALL be ripe at the same time and I'm going to have a deluge of tomatoes.

I can't wait for fresh tomatoes in salad, or for snacks, sandwiches and in pasta. Hmm perhaps some brushetta and fresh salsa?

Any other good ideas or recipes for tomatoes? What's your favorite thing to do with yours?


  1. I am always so excited when the first tomato ripens- such a glorious achievement! I haven't had any luck with Black Krim. I grew a spectacular bush with thousands of flowers, but not a single one became a fruit. You could try your hand at sauce making. My mum does hers outside on a gas ring because the spicy smell penetrates every corner of the house and takes days to disappear. I'm looking forward to seeing the second ripe tomato!

  2. I ate my first tomato on Sunday, a Ananas Noir, which is another one that is hard to tell when it's ripe.

    I eat most of the slicers as sandwiches, and when I get too many, I give away the pretty ones and can the rest.


  3. Poppy Black - I've been spraying mine with a hormone which artificially pollinates them, thus giving me more fruit. I had the same issue last year and wasn't about to have it happen again!

    I can't wait for endless tomato sandwiches and various other things! So good!!

  4. I never get enough to can. One day I will enlarge our garden. Mine are lucky to make it to my kitchen before they get eaten. But I do love a toasted bread, mayo and tomato sandwich! YUMMMM!