Monday, September 5, 2011

From sidesaddles to stagecoaches!

Gotta love anything old that has lots of history to it!

This past weekend a really good friend of mine got married and she asked me if I would look after braiding & polishing up the draft horses. So in the past few weeks I've learned how to do a draft horse mane roll (more of a weave than a braid). The mane roll's stay in SO much better than a running braid but they do take practice!
(no don't worry, I only wore the cowboy boots when I was around the horses doing touch up's on their manes. Didn't want my toes getting smushed if I got stepped on!)

Her father in law borrowed a friend's old stagecoach for her grand entrance to the wedding. It was absolutely amazing. They went from her Grandparent's acreage (where the wedding took place) into town to pick her up and back. They definitely turned a lot of heads!

I even got to go for a ride when they were all done pictures.

And the groom's father even let me take the team & stagecoach for a spin. So much fun!

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