Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Provincials & Regionals

We had a great 4 days, met all kinds of wonderful people and the weather even cooperated for us!

At Provincials (Thurs/Fri) we ended up in 3rd place overall. I think we might have placed a touch higher but our first test wasn't so great. I thought Brigit was going to jump out of the dressage arena at "A"! She was pretty hot & spooky but we still ended up with 66%. Our second test was much better and we had a score of 67%. On both tests we got the same comments "Not enough impulsion" which is usually not Brigit at all!

So I had a new found friend help me out and we went to work getting a feel for "more impulsion". Well it worked! On the first day of Regionals (Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba) we ended up 2nd with a score of 68.75% and for our second ride we had 67.6% and ended up Reserve Champion for our division!

A friend came out to take some photos on the weekend, this is the only one I have thus far but I'll share more when I get them.


  1. What a beautiful photo from Brigit's expression to the gorgeous golden leaves!


  2. Thanks! I'm lucky my friend is such a good photographer and we were lucky another person was there to shake a branch full of leaves to get Brigit's ear's forward haha

  3. Well done and it is such a gorgeous photo - the smile & the enormous rosettes say it all :)

  4. Congratulations! It sounds like a very successful weekend! I'm sad I couldn't come along to watch!

  5. Your Grandmother would be proud!