Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What am I forgetting?

I should probably be thinking about work but I'm having a hard time concentrating!

I just can't keep thinking "What am I forgetting?". I've got a list going that's about a mile long. Our weather has definitely turned to "fall" and it's really chilly out there, so there are lots more things to bring so neither I or Brigit is cold.

The one thing I always seem to forget is a darned wheelbarrow! Today I'm not going to forget one though... because I'm going to go BUY one and designate it specifically for the horse trailer/shows.

Brigit had her massage/adjustment at lunch and there were definitely some things out here & there, which should explain why she's been a bit difficult to ride lately. Makes sense, if your back is out or your sore, it's hard to do what you normally do.

This evening I've got to bath, pack my stuff, pack the horse trailer and get up to the show grounds, hopefully before 9pm! That's when they close the arena's for the evening and I'd really like to have some time to ride there tonight. Seems like so much to do!

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