Monday, January 11, 2010

An adventure outside in the snow

It was such a gorgeous weekend up here, we had a chinook blow through and the temperatures were above freezing. What a treat!

I decided it was a good day to attempt a sidesaddle ride outside! A friend and I tacked up and set off down the road. We made it out to the neighbor's field and then my mare decided she wanted to RUN. And since I wasn't going to let her, she decided to fuss. Pulling and dancing and just being an overall idiot. I should have known better! We ended up heading home to switch saddles so we could continue our ride.

*BUT* the one good thing that came from it.... I didn't feel like I was going to come off at all. I still felt quite secure up there through her antics. (ok mostly secure! LOL). I'll have to upload the pictures my friend took when she sends them to me.


  1. That's happened to me too when I've been out side saddling on hacks! I always have to force myself to think "right shoulder back" as if I don't, I just want to curl up and twist to the left and that's the LAST thing you want to do, LOL!

    I was speaking with a side saddle instructor a few weeks back and she said that "if it don't hurt, then your shoulder ain't back enough".

  2. LOL! You made a statement that sidesaddles are secure, then you had the guts to go out and prove it! Love it! You would have probably been just fine, but I'd have gone back to change too ;-)

  3. It was suprisingly secure when my horse was dancing around! lol It's just harder to manage a tantrum like that without a leg wrapped around each side! We'll have to work on our "outside" rides. The kimberwicke was a good choice for that day! lol