Monday, January 4, 2010

More new attire!

I've been in need of some new paddock boots and half chaps for awhile now and I happened to find a heck of a deal on some BROWN Ariat paddock boots and half chaps. I like the look of the brown, it's kinda vintage and classy looking. (Now I just need a pair of nice brown gloves to match!)

Oh and my wonderful boyfriend bought me a pair of full seat breeches for Christmas! They were black but I decided to exchange them for navy blue ones to match my habit. Did I mention that I couldn't wait for it to arrive so I could try it on??

Hmmm so what else do I need? (or should I say want?) I'd loooove to get a fancy top hat (and a veil) but I think I'll stick with my helmet for the time being. I really want to stop by a fabric store on the way home one of these days to look for some fancy yellow fabric to make a vest out of. I think it would look really sharp peeking out from under the navy blue jacket.

I'm hoping to take my saddle up to Betty-Lynn Tattersall in the next week or so. It needs some minor repairs and my dad offered to pay to have it fixed up for my Christmas present. It appears that the D-rings on the off-side were removed somehow, so I'd like to get them put back on. The overgirth is just barely big enough and the one side is cracked so I'd like to get that replaced. And the one strap for the balance girth is cracked and should probably be replaced. In addition to a little bit of stitching here and there that could use a touch up. Betty-Lynn does wonderful work and has a huge collection of sidesaddles, I can't wait to meet her!


  1. The trip to the saddler sounds like fun!

    I have new boots and half chaps on my shopping list for spring, but I'm planning to change from brown to black. I had brown Ariat paddocks, so I bought brown suede half chaps to match. Now I am fed up with maintaining the suede, so black leather is on my wish list. Besides, brown doesn't look good with my funky powder blue houndstooth Kerrits tights that I bought for hot summer days! Not that it matters now with single digit temps! Of course my riding wardrobe (and regular wardrobe) is based on brown... so shopping will be necessary.

  2. I've always had black and figured a change was in order. I saw a picture of the brown paddock boots/chaps and thought they looked really nice. I don't show much anymore so I figured it wouldn't matter what color they were!
    I got the half chaps for an absolute STEAL. They are the Ariat Classic II's, the ones with the suede on the inside of the calf and leather on the outside...for $65!!

    I think the brown paddock boots would look nice with the navy blue habit too! Even though it's probably not "proper".