Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Decisions, Decisions.... On to my newest scheme....

A couple of years ago I tried to breed my mare. It didn't work out and I was left with a HUGE vet bill (3x what they quoted me....$3K for two cycles...) and no foal. I swore that I wasn't going to try that again.

But now that spring is approaching the temptation to try it again has crept back into my head.

Four things I will do differently this time:

1. First and foremost, I'm going to take Brigit in to the vet clinic, before I purchase any stud services and have her cultured and biopsied to make sure that this is even a viable option. We cultured her last time and everything was ok but it would be a good idea to do both, she's no spring chicken and if there's something wrong it could be a huge waste of money to even try.
2. I'm going to find a nice stallion that's local. Last time I used a stallion from Colorado and had the "goods" shipped up. The container rental, pick-up fees & shipping were EXPENSIVE. Plus I think it would be a better idea to use a local stallion so everything is really really fresh.

3. I'm going to use a vet that I have more confidence in. The vet I used before just didn't seem to exude confidence when it came to deterimining when the mare was ovulating or that we actually were going to get her bred.

4. I'm going to wait until mid-May to mid-June to breed. I think the last time we tried it was just too early in the year and her body was still in "winter" mode. Aside from that she was a touch on the lean side (not skinny, just not as fat as she should have been) from coming through a cold winter. Plus I really don't want to have a new baby when it's -40, snowing and icy outside thank you very much!

Don't you think these two would make pretty babies?
The only downfall to breeding Brigit this year is that I'd be really nervous to take her anywhere to shows or clinics or anything like that. She's kind of a nervous horse - doesn't get upset just nervous - and I'd worry about her getting stressed out and aborting....
I'm not too worried about finding other horse's to ride because there are lots around. I was just looking forward to doing a pile of sidesaddle stuff this year with Brigit! Ya can't do it all thought right?
Decisions, decisions....


  1. My breeding project is almost 10 months old and 14.1 hh now. He has his own blog. We stacked the cards in our favor.
    #1. We chose a local stallion
    #2. The stallion owner is a good friend, and very conscientious.
    #3 He works with an excellent insemination clinic

    Year one. Tried to do it the old fashioned way... haul in for a weekend of live cover. Caught on the second heat, but absorbed at three months.

    Year two. Dropped her at the stallion owner in March. He took her to the stallion services clinic when she ovulated and left her there for a week. Then she stayed at the stud farm until her first ultrasound (he had betters vets). Got a Caslick's procedure (sewn shut) and was on Regumate throughout the pregnancy. 11 months and $4300 later, we had a bouncing baby boy. With the cost of AI and the knowledge available now, there is no sense in messing around. After many years of diddling around with our local vet, and wasting seasons on other years, we should have known our plan in year one was just too simple. Find a great clinic.

    Breeding was a great and rewarding experience. It is something my family has always done, but I had never taken full responsibility for. However, it will be a few years before I do it again. It is all bliss until you find yourself with a screaming biting weanling. Then it is a challenge. One I was up to, but one I won't take on again for awhile!

  2. Thanks for the info! The stud that I pictured in my post is about an hour away which is part of why I am considering him. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the breeder and the vet they use which definitely makes me feel more confident.
    The vet we used last time just really didn't seem to know for sure what stage her follicle was at or when she was going to ovulate for sure etc. Plus she lost a TON of weight while at their facility due to being put in a pen with no shelter and having cruddy hay.