Friday, January 29, 2010

And a relieved barn owner!

Originally I had talked to my barn owner, who is an excellent seamstress and can make almost anything, about altering my sidesaddle jacket so it fit me better. She had agreed to do it but is quite busy, hence why I took it to a tailor for a quote.

Last night I broke the news to her that I had taken it to a tailor to have the alterations done. I was a little worried she would be put out by me taking it to someone else. As it turns out she was quite relieved! We chatted about how much work it would be to pretty much take the jacket & lining apart to make the alterations; a LOT of fiddly work. She said what the tailor was charging me for the alterations was more than reasonable and jokingly offered to pay for it just so she didn't have to do it! LOL

As our conversation progressed, she offered to make me a vest, saying those were very easy. So now I get to go fabric shopping!! For someone so hopeless at sewing, I absolutely LOVE to visit fabric stores. I see all of the gorgeous fabrics and have visions of all the amazing things that could be made from them.....just not by me!

I think I'd like a traditional canary vest and perhaps something a little fancier like a yellow satin. I'm tempted to make them a backless style to reduce the bulk under the jacket & so it doesn't get as hot in the summer.

Isn't this one nice?
The next dilemma is the buttons.... What kind of buttons should I get? And how many buttons should be on a vest? I've seen some pictures of hunt vests and they look like they've got 8 or so buttons. Seems like a lot!

And of course, while I was looking for pictures of yellow vests that I liked, I got a bit sidetracked....

How smart does the purple vest & stock tie look under a black cutaway jacket look! (I know, I'd probably get crucified for even thinking of wearing purple under a habit....but....but.... it's so pretty!)
Orrr..... How about a nice sage green habit? I just love this too.

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