Friday, November 5, 2010

What a horse person won't do for their horses.... aka I'm crazy.

I popped out to the wednesday night for a quick ride after work and my quick ride turned into a quick dismount. We did a few laps walking around the arena and as soon as we started trotting, I knew something wasn't right. It seems that Brigit is having issues with her left hind again. Not sure if it's that stifle or what. Poor girl was really dragging that leg and not moving right at all.

I went out again on thursday night, popped her on the lunge line and I'd say she looks about 85% better, still dragging that left hind a bit. I'm halfway wondering if she slipped in her paddock or got kicked? Usually we don't have issues with her stifles until it gets icy and slippery in the winter.

A friend of mine told me that when her older TB mare was having issues, she sent her "Swimming" for a couple of weeks. Swimming ie Hydro Therapy involves putting a horse into a somewhat warm "treadmill pool" and exercising them. The incresed resistance but decreased impact can apparently help with weak stifles and various other issues. I called and had a great chat with the lady that runs the place and am thinking it sounds like a pretty good idea (and MUCH more affordable than I originally had thought).

So call me a sucker....but I've got Brigit booked in for a week of "swimming" at the "pool" starting on Saturday or Monday, whenever I can get her there. Hopefully we'll see a difference! I will DEFINITELY try to get pictures of Miss B swimming.

Fingers crossed that it works!

(My boyfriend is going to think this is beyond ridiculous and that I've truly lost my mind.... LOL)

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