Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yoga for sidesaddle riders?

I joined a yoga class this week with some friends. We go twice a week for the next six weeks. I've never really done yoga before but wow do I feel nice and limber today! I was feeling a bit sore in my back yesterday after jumping sidesaddle the night before and the yoga stretched it out nicely!

I have to be one of THE most unflexible people, so I'm hoping that the yoga will help me with that and hopefully in turn help my riding out too!

I use a great (yoga type) stretch with my riding students to help them sit taller and open their chests. I thought I'd share it because it's a great one! Make sure you have someone holding your horse if he's not one to stand quietly.

First off you put your hands in front of your chest, palms together (make a little temple).

Keeping your hands together, you reach straight up, over your head. Reach as far as you can (feel that stretch).

Then you turn your palms to face outwards (away from each other) and while reaching up & out, you slowly bring your arms straight out to the side.

Do that once more and you'll feel much taller and your shoulders will be back where they should be.

It's a great stretch!


  1. Yoga is great. After doing it consistently you will find so many aspects of riding easier.
    My favorite is the biggest loser fitness yoga DVD MAN you feel it after you do one of those workouts.

  2. I'm probably one of THE most unflexible people so I'm hoping it'll help a bunch! Some of it feels pretty silly but it's still fun.

    Second class is tonight!