Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another antique store find...

On my way back from skiing last week I drove through the little town of Nanton. Now if you like antiques and you are ever in Alberta, this is a must see place! The little town has quite a few antique stores and I always seem to find something neat! My favorite store is HUGE! It has three levels and is just jam packed with everything antique! Rarely do I find anything related to sidesaddle riding but I always keep my hopes up! And a lot of times if there is something there that's sidesaddle related, they don't know it themselves, so the price is pretty decent. This trip I was in luck! Upstairs in one of the rooms, sitting on the top of an antique dresser was a dainty ladies whip waiting for me! It was one of those finds that you check the price tag, try not to act too surprised at the price (in a good way!) and hang onto it tightly until it's paid for! It's color is quite unique, it hasn't been stained dark like a lot that I've seen have been. And the thong/lash on it is a very light color as well. I'm sure it's original though. I think it might be deerskin? Or some other type of soft suede like leather braided together? Never seen one quite like this.
I think the most interesting part on the whole thing is the maker's mark on the silver collar... Looks like a small running fox? Someone suggested that it might have been made by Samuel Fox, who was a well known umbrella maker in the UK way back in the day. I haven't been able to verify it but I'm on the hunt to try to find out more information!

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